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OFHS Computer Group Meeting   -   All About Images

This page provides is intended to accompany the talk "All About Images" given by Alan Simpson, to the OFHS Computer Group meeting on April 6th 2009.

By clicking this link to the Slide Show you can view the "slides" used for the talk. These will act as a memory aid for those who attended the talk and may at least give a flavour of what was covered, for people who were unable to be there.

You can navigate through the slides using your PageUp and PageDown keys, or by clicking the blue arrows at the top of the screen. Some of the images will permit animated magnification when you move the mouse pointer over them. (You will need JavaScript enabled on your browser for this to work.)

The slide show will open in a new tab, or a new browser window, depending upon what browser you are using. When you have finished viewing the slides, closing that tab or window will bring you back to this page.

The following links should take you to the web pages of some of the free programs mentioned in the talk. From these you can download copies of the programs and experiment with them for yourself.

GIMP The GNU Image Manipulation Program www.gimp.org/
IrfanView A Popular Image Viewer, free for non-commercial use www.irfanview.com/
OpenOffice.org Draw The drawing component of the OpenOffice.org suite www.openoffice.org/
Inkscape An Open Source Vector Graphics Editor www.inkscape.org/
Winfract A Windows version of Fractint, the ultimate Fractal Generator - Hours of fun! www.fractint.org/

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