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Purpose of This Page

This page provides notes and links to accompany the talk on "Useful Little Programs" given to the OFHS Computer Group meeting on June 4th 2001. It lists each of the programs mentioned by the various speakers, together with brief details of where to find them.

As time passes, the nature of the internet is such that some of the programs listed will become unavailable, whilst others will be available from different web addresses. We have left the original links here, since they represent a record of what was presented at the actual meeting. If a link no longer works, you can probably view the original site, with the aid of the Internet Archive or "Wayback Machine". This may be found at:


Last updated 2012-08-19

Program Details
Inoculate IT
A downloadable anti-virus programme.
Runs on Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and NT. Allows users to download very regular updates, automatically or manually, every day or two. There is also support available by email.
Until about a week before the June 4th talk, Inoculate IT was a free download from http://antivirus.cai.com/ with the only requirement being that users had to register with its suppliers, Computer Associates (CA).
Sadly after several years of issuing an anti virus programme, and regular updates completely free to personal users, CA have now withdrawn the full service but are offering a one year licence for anti virus technology, with automatic notification of virus signature updates at http://www.my-etrust.com/ for only US$19.95. Those wishing to upgrade from IPE can do so for $5.95 by quoting Promo code IPE00000001. They are however continuing to make virus signature updates for those people who had already signed up to Inoculate IT Personal Edition for as long as they have IPE installed.
A to B
A simple route planning program from the AA.
The latest version can be purchased for £14.99. Details are on the web site
A free, slightly outdated version is often to be found on magazine cover disks. For example the 1999 version was on the November 2000 issue of PC Magazine.
A free utility for converting Bitmap files to GIF files, for use on the Web.
Downloadable from the author's web site at http://www.develcor.com/
or this address takes you directly to the download page:
Coffee Cup Free FTP
A utility for transferring files to and from other computers on the internet. Particularly handy for uploading your web pages.
The free version can be downloaded from the ZDnet download web site at http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/ or may be found on magazine cover disks from time to time. This address takes you directly to the download page. http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/stories/info/0,,0012T8,.html
An enhanced version is available direct from Coffee Cup at http://www.coffeecup.com/ but is only free if they host your web pages.
ClipPlus 3.6
A freeware enhancement for the Windows clipboard.
Whenever you use the standard Windows features to Cut/Copy text in a Windows program, Windows copies the text to the clipboard, replacing anything previously there.
ClipPlus watches the clipboard and will add all new clips to a list that it maintains where it can be used again in the future, so you can do multiple "copy"s followed by multiple "paste"s. You can also store permanently favourite pieces of text such as URLs & email addresses to paste easily into documents.
Download from: http://www.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/win95/desktop/clippl36.zip
POP3 Viewer
Check your mailbox contents before you download your mail.
With this utility you can view the contents of your mailboxes on the web. You can preview messages without downloading them; you can delete off server if you suspect the message to be corrupted, and stopping others from downloading; and you can see just how large the separate files in your box are.
The home page at http://www.kempston.demon.co.uk/smb/ includes screenshots of the program in action.
Quick View Plus
An enchanced version of the Windows Quick View utility.
QuickViewPlus gives the facility of being able to open files saved by many applications even if not on your computer. For instance, even if you only have Word as a word processor, you will be able to read Word Perfect files; similarly if you don't have Works, you can open a Works file with QuickViewPlus & then be able to copy the data & paste it into a spreadsheet of your choice.
The current version 6.0 is a 10MB download from Jasc's web site at http://www.jasc.com/ and costs $49 after a 30 day evaluation. However if you are lucky you may still find the earlier version 4.5.0 available for free on a magazine cover disk.
Parish Locator
A free database of British Parishes.
Parish Locator is useful if we discover that our ancestors originate from an area of the British Isles with which we are unfamiliar. Its database contains almost 25,000 parishes and churches throughout England, Scotland and Wales. From the full listing you are able to select a 'Home' parish around which you need to identify other churches.
It may be downlloaded from:
Provides 'handles' for lots of standard facilities that Microsoft left out of the Windows User interface.
In the days of Windows 95 this was part of the PowerToys package. In Windows 98 the PowerToys came as standard but TweakUI remained an add-on.
Free download from Microsoft at:
Power Desk
A free, all-in-one replacement for 'My Computer' and 'Windows Explorer'.
It provides all the ZIP/UNZIP facilities you are ever likely to need. It will also unpack just about every other flavour of compressed file including .arj from Macs and .gz and .Z from unix.
If you are willing to pay out $20 for the Pro version you get lots more extras including an all-in-one windows toolbar, integrated FTP, a folder synchroniser, and a disk/folder size viewer. It will also do a number of standard graphic file conversions.
Download from http://www.ontrack.com/powerdesk/
Disk Cleanup
Clean out the clutter on your hard disk.
It's already there in Windows 98, but have you found it? One button will allow you clean out the most common clutter folders.
PC Utilities Magazine
Not one utility, thousands of them!
This magazine has been going almost a year and I really can't fathom how they keep going with 400+ utilities on the cover CD every month. Each cover CD includes an index to all the utilities they have and where to get them (it's a 900kb HTML file). You can also search for the utility of your dreams on their web site at:
PC Essentials Magazine
A quarterly magazine from your local bookshop.
This quarterly magazine has the contents devoted entirely to the cover disk. The current (third) issue includes 'Family Archive Viewer' whose screen shots look a dead ringer for version 3 of Family Tree Maker. It also contains a number of font viewers and icons editors. The web authoring section also includes WS FTP LE which is a long standing favourite for web site uploads.

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