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The Camera Never Lies - Or Does It?

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OFHS Computer Group Meeting   -   8th April 2013

This page provides links to the web sites for the programs discussed and demonstrated at the meeting "The Camera Never Lies - or does it?" given by Alan Simpson, to the OFHS Computer Group meeting on 8th April 2013.

The meeting was originally scheduled as a light-hearted diversion for 1st April and in the spirit of the day Alan did his best to make an ass of himself, for the amusement of all concerned.


PaintShopPro Alan's main work-horse (Version 5) www.corel.com
(Old trial versions)
See how its grown since then! www.oldapps.com/Paint_Shop_Pro.php
The Gimp Can do anything! (and its free!) www.gimp.org
IrfanView Great for batch work www.irfanview.com
Sqirlz Morph Lots of fun! www.xiberpix.net/SqirlzMorph.html
As of May 2014, whilst SquirlzMorph itself is safe, the suggested Tucows download site for this program will attempt to send you all manner of unwanted browser tool bars etc. Treat with extreme caution!
PSP Tutorials Ideal for beginners (and experts!) mardiweb.com/web/
Photo Memorabilia Time for a little nostalgia www.photomemorabilia.co.uk/

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